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Treatment of children's scoliosis

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The program for treatment of children's scoliosis involves a complex of medical procedures and training in ultra-modern rehabilitation centers under the supervision of a professional rehabilitation specialist.

Helps to safely restore the tone of the back muscles, relieve discomfort and back pain, eliminate asymmetry, and as a result stop the development of scoliosis or alert it altogether.

Specially designed for children:
  • Age from 12 to 18 years old

Who in the risk zone:

- children who are in the phase of intense growth;

- children who lead a sedentary lifestyle;

- children who have received spinal injury;

- Children with congenital malformations or genetically predisposed to the disease

What is included in the program?

Consultation of the doctor of the orthopedic traumatologist

The program of treatment and rehabilitation is individually developed by the doctor all the time with the rehab. The doctor conducts an examination, a series of tests, examines the available medical documentation, photographs and establishes the diagnosis.

Diagnostic testing

After diagnosis, a diagnostic test of the condition of the back muscular corset is performed. The study of muscle profile is performed on David's specialized medical equipment, which examines muscle strength, amplitude of movement and asymmetry, which is a critical factor in choosing treatment tactics.

Development of a treatment program

By the results of diagnosis and examination, a program of treatment and rehabilitation is being developed. In each particular case, the doctor determines the necessary methods and stages of treatment.

The basic course provides:

  • special massages
  • physiotherapy procedures
  • individually designed children's health and fitness complex
  • David's Restoration Program for Specialized Fitness Equipment
  • observation by rehab
  • doctor's final consultation

The basic course can be expanded or shortened on the recommendation of the physician, based on the results of the diagnosis, the current state of the patient, symptoms, etc.

Why it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment of children's scoliosis in the institute?

Our doctors advise not to ignore any manifestations of scoliosis. Launched forms of the disease can cause serious disorders in the child's body: impairment of the mobility of the spine, disruption of the internal organs, osteochondrosis, development of intervertebral hernias.

David's innovative equipment safely trains the deep muscles of the back, helps restore their elasticity and eliminates asymmetry. All this is indispensable in the treatment of scoliosis and the suspension of its development.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis - a disease of the musculoskeletal system, during which there is a lateral curvature of the spine. More often, scoliosis develops in childhood, along with the growth of a child.

This disease is often confused with posture impairment, when true scoliosis - the deformity of the spine occurred more than 10 degrees (in degrees, measure the degree of scoliosis).

As a rule, scoliosis proceeds painlessly at the initial stages. That is why it is very difficult to diagnose it during this period. Therefore, in order to control the condition of the child, we recommend that parents take a regular visit to the orthopedic traumatologist's child once a year.

It is important to know

It is necessary to know that scoliosis is of two different types, and also subdivided into 4 stages, according to the intensity of development of symptoms and changes in the spine. There is a primary scoliosis - this is usually a congenital form, hereditary. And secondary - this is the acquired form of scoliosis. Secondary scoliosis can have many causes, beginning with a disturbed posture, caused by the habitual position of the body when sitting and walking, ending with trauma.

The stages of scoliosis are determined by measuring the angle of deformation of the spine: from 10 degrees at the initial stage and to more than 40 degrees with the fourth - the most unfavorable form of scoliosis.

The last stage of scoliosis is very dangerous for health, because with a strong skewing of the spine all internal organs are displaced, which leads to a serious disruption of their work. Including, due to the displacement of the axis of the heart early enough, heart failure may develop.

What happens to the muscles in scoliosis?

During the active growth phase of the child, the muscle corset "does not have time" also to grow fully. The imbalance of muscles begins to develop. Strong muscles begin to pull weaker, and as a result, asymmetry and curvature of the axis of the spine. If this process is missed and not stopped in time, such an imbalance of muscles from adolescence can lead to sad consequences in adulthood.

When the first changes in the spine occur, the muscles of the back react and begin to compensate for these changes, i.e. one side of the back tries to support the problem area, the other part of it relaxes and becomes less strong. Thus there is a pronounced asymmetry of the muscular corset of the spine.

  • If the child has a shoulder line at a different level;
  • If the baby has a hip line at a different level;
  • If the child has one of the shoulder blades more pronounced another;
  • If the child on one side protruding ribs;
  • If one hand seems longer than the other.

As a rule, scoliosis in a vsoslogo person is a consequence of untreated scoliosis in adolescence. It is therefore extremely important to avoid these consequences at an early stage. As we said before - the baby's body is rather plastic, therefore, the earlier the changes are revealed, the easier, faster and more efficiently they can be influenced.

The treatment program is developed individually for each child

Specialists of the Institute work with children from 12 years and older.

The main method that is used in the treatment of scoliosis is kinesiotherapy - motion treatment. This is a special set of exercises, which has a significant effect on the muscles of the back.

In the Institute of Vertebrology, to achieve maximum effect, we apply a unique technology - David. This is a high-tech equipment, which is a complex of simulators with an integrated software system.

The system allows you to accurately identify the problematic muscle zones of the back and calculate the muscular asymmetry index. Based on the data obtained, the program calculates a set of exercises, which is exclusively for this patient, with all his anthropometric data.

Before rehab

Before the beginning of the complex of exercises, only with the permission of the doctor and if there is no need to remove the pain syndrome, the young patient undergoes diagnostic testing. The system measures the data needed to build a recovery program. A training program is being formed.

The basic course consists of 12 sessions on simulators David.


Fulfillment of appointments of a doctor and rehabilitologist, intermediate control of results.

After rehab

During the course of training, the rehabilitator records changes in the Patient's condition. Intermediate diagnostic testing is performed to assess the status of the muscular corset. At the end of the training program, a final test is conducted, which shows the results of the passed course. At the final consultation, the doctor decides on further actions and gives recommendations.

complex approach

For the treatment of scoliosis in children, specialists apply an integrated approach. In addition to physical therapy and kinesiotherapy exercises on medical training equipment, other therapies are used, such as therapeutic massage, magneto-laser therapy, electromyostimulation. Also, doctors individually select the recommended sport for the child, given the type of disease and the muscles that need to be accentuated.

Why is this program highly effective?

The program is as safe as possible

Unlike training on classical power trainers, the David system excludes the possibility of getting hyper load. Therefore, the risk of injury is reduced to zero. The control of the load is monitored both by the software and by a personal rehabilitologist, who controls the progress of the execution of the controls.

The program initially develops a complex of trainings in such a way that the load is safe and at the same time maximally effective. Settings simulators are performed taking into account the growth, weight, age and other anatomical features of the child, which plays a big role for efficiency and safety.

About the program Causes and Symptoms How's it going?
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