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Postnatal rehabilitation

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Course in the ultra-modern rehabilitation centers under the supervision of a professional rehabilitation specialist.

It helps to relieve discomfort and pain in the back, it is safe to return the tone to the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen, legs.

Specifically designed for women:
  • from 2 months after physiological delivery
  • from 6 months after cesarean section
  • breastfeeding
  • with chronic back and joint problems
  • wishing to regain their form after the birth of the child
What is included in the program?
  • The plan of action in each case is the doctor during the mandatory primary consultation.
  • Computer testing to diagnose the strength, amplitude and condition of the muscular corset and joints.
  • Filling the rehabilitation program is developed individually for each woman and depends on the state of her health, the period after childbirth, the presence of concomitant diseases and physiological characteristics.
  • The complex of exercises, specially designed for women after childbirth leading specialists in postnatal rehabilitation and gynecology.
  • Course of lessons on the Finnish-German method DAVID on computerized medical simulators.
  • Observation by a rehabilitator during classes.

The basic program can be supplemented with a preparatory course of special musculo-articular exercises, and in the presence of severe pain - with a course of treatment to remove the acute condition.

Why is it worth to go through the rehabilitation program in the Rehabilitation Centers at the Base of the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation?

After giving birth, women return to the usual way of life, home stress and sports.

Unbalanced and underdosed load, non-observance of contraindications, as well as improperly chosen amplitude of movements can push the process of recovery of the body after childbirth several steps back, or even do harm, since muscles and joints are very vulnerable during this period.

The approach to the exercises should be the most thoughtful and built with due regard for the physiological characteristics of women after childbirth, otherwise training can lead to joint damage, development of dislocations, subluxations, the formation of hernias of the white abdominal line, and even disruption of the hormonal sphere and lactation.

The program for the restoration of the spine and the muscular corset is designed taking into account all the physiological changes that occur in the body of a woman during this period.

Individual course on DAVID technique, as well as a set of exercises of restorative gymnastics is selected by a qualified physician and is supervised by a professional rehabilitation specialist.

It is important to know: What happens in the body of a woman during and after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a number of changes occur in the woman's body, which directly or indirectly affect the spine.

1. Changes in connective tissues (ligaments, tendons)

During pregnancy in the body of a woman, the concentration of such hormones as relaxin and progesterone increases, whose task is to relax and increase the elasticity of connective tissues.

Under the influence of hormones, the stability of the joints and spine of a woman decreases, the ligaments and tendons become weak. All this can lead to overload of the spine, instability of the joints, displacement and subluxation. The instability of the intervertebral joints leads to irritation and squeezing of the nerve roots, which causes acute pain in the back.

2. Changes in muscles

Abdominal muscles overstretch during the period of bearing of the child. The abdominal muscles become thinner, and the white line of the abdomen is much wider and can reach up to 42 mm.

This, in turn, leads to a significant shortening of the muscles of the waist, which after the birth of the child are in a tense state. Therefore, in most women after the birth of muscle tension during the slopes, squats or lifting weights hurts the back in the waist.

3. Changes in posture

To compensate for the shifted center of gravity, the woman's posture changes involuntarily - she tries to push her growing stomach forward, and her shoulders back. The spine in this case strongly bends, it has a great physical load and this causes severe pain in the back area.

Also, with a number of concomitant factors, the excessive deflection of the lumbar spine can flow into a pathological state scientifically called hyperlordosis. This can contribute to chronic diseases and spinal injuries, postural disorders, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and other factors.

4. Increased strain on the spine

During pregnancy, a woman can gain up to 20 kg, which certainly increases the burden on the spine and legs.

Excessive workload in combination with the above-described physiological changes that occur in the body of a woman during pregnancy, increases the risk of occurrence or exacerbation of such diseases of the back as osteochondrosis, protrusions and intervertebral hernias. These diseases can cause discomfort and severe pain in the back of a woman.

How is it going?
1. Doctor's consultation

The rehabilitation program begins with the obligatory consultation of a doctor who conducts a woman's examination: assesses the condition of the spine, joints, muscles of the press and back, the degree of posture change. Depending on her physical condition and physiological characteristics, the doctor prescribes a course of rehabilitation.

2. For the removal of acute conditions - treatment course (if necessary)

The doctor prescribes the treatment course, in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases and severe back pain, to relieve the acute condition before physical exertion. Only safe methods are used, taking into account the contraindications and physiological characteristics of women.

3. Individual exercises in therapeutic gymnastics with a rehabilitator

A set of exercises aimed at restoring the spine and muscular corset of a woman in the early stages after childbirth. The course is appointed as training and adaptation of muscles to the next stage - lessons on the simulators David.

4. Recovery course according to David's method

Classes on computerized medical simulators under the supervision of a professional reabilitologist.

Primary computer diagnostics
Under the guidance of a rehabilitologist, a woman undergoes primary diagnosis of muscle strength and mobility on the simulators David. Based on the diagnostic results, the rehabilitation specialist makes an individual recovery program, taking into account all the physiological characteristics of the woman.

Beginning of the course by David's method
The basic course consists of 12 lessons under the obligatory supervision of a professional rehabilitation specialist and a doctor's supervision. Classes are held on medical simulators, which allow you to safely affect the spine, joints and muscles of a woman, given the vulnerability and weakness of connective tissue after the period of pregnancy.

Intermediate diagnostics
After 4-6 sessions, an intermediate diagnosis of the condition of a woman is performed. The rehabilitologist evaluates the test results and the state of the muscles in the dynamics for correcting the program.

Continuation of the course on the method of David
The continuation of the recovery course is aimed at increasing the strength and endurance of deep muscles to restore the correct biomechanics of movements in the spine.

Final diagnosis and consultation

After 12 sessions, the results of improving muscle strength and joint mobility are already visible. The rehabilitologist and the doctor in details comment on the results of the completed recovery course, give the necessary recommendations for the young mother.

How does the DAVID work?
  • The therapeutic activity consists of the obligatory warm-up and preparation for the exercise under the guidance of a rehabilitation specialist.
  • Each approach to the exercise is controlled by both the rehabilitator and the Patient herself using the computer screen of the David simulator, where all the necessary indicators are visible at the time of the exercise.
  • After each approach and at the end of the session, the rehabilitologist does with the Patient special exercises for stretching the muscles.
  • The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes.
  • The basic recovery course consists of 12 sessions on medical simulators and 3 computer tests: before classes start, after 4-6 lessons (intermediate), final - after 12 lessons.
Why is David's technique ideal for women after giving birth?
Maximum security
  • Medical simulators David were developed by Finnish-German specialists in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation and orthopedics.
  • The uniqueness of the technique lies in the fact that for a woman using a computer the most safe and effective program is selected, taking into account all its individual characteristics, which is impossible with conventional fitness equipment. This allows you to carefully and accurately act solely on the target muscles. Correctly selected load and amplitude of movements reduces to zero the risk of injury.
  • The equipment is adjusted taking into account the growth, weight, age and other anatomical features of the woman.
Noticeable reduction in back pain
  • 90% Patients noted a significant reduction in pain and discomfort in the back due to the rehabilitation course according to the DAVID technique.
  • The problem areas of the back are isolated and receive just as much load as necessary for the gradual recovery and strengthening of deep muscles.
Restoration of intervertebral discs damaged before or during pregnancy
  • Classes using the DAVID technique improve the metabolism and nutrition of intervertebral disc tissues, restoring their elasticity. It promotes the healing of damaged discs.
  • David's technique allows you to work out small deep muscles of the back and monitor movements in the correct amplitude, preventing hypermobility and subsequent blockage of the joint.
The program is as interactive as possible
  • Each simulator is equipped with EVE software with instant feedback to the computer screen. This allows you to adjust the load level, the number of repetitions, the tempo and the amplitude of movements.
  • The reabilitologist monitors the indicators of the system and keeps a record of each session. This allows the doctor and rehabilitologist to monitor the progress achieved in the dynamics and timely correct the program if necessary.
Individual exercises restorative gymnastics with a rehabilitologist
  • The program is designed in such a way that it is suitable for women even in the early stages (about 2 months after childbirth).
  • In the development of the complex of exercises took part doctors from the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation, as well as invited experts: leading gynecologists and specialists in postnatal rehabilitation.
  • On the basis of the developed complex, a qualified rehabilitologist selects a program of sessions individually for each woman, after a compulsory medical consultation.
  • The doctor and rehabilitologist regularly monitor the progress achieved in the dynamics and can timely adjust the level of difficulty of the exercises if necessary.
  • Correctly selected physical activity restores blood circulation and eliminates venous congestion, helping in the fight against postpartum varicose veins.
  • Exercises are aimed at restoring the muscles of the back, legs, abdomen and pelvic floor, which are most vulnerable during pregnancy and after childbirth. Also contribute to improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs, restoring their correct anatomical position and functional state.
About the program Causes and Symptoms How's it going?
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