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Kinesiotherapy on technique DAVID

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DAVID method

DAVID method is a complex of exercises on high-tech medical stimulators according to an individually developed treatment program. The program is compiled based on the result of a thorough computer-based testing of patients, which shows muscle strength, endurance and range of motion. Only on the basis of these indicators, specialized software calculates the possible load and generates a training program for a particular patient. In the treatment, the load is constantly monitored and adjusted with progress and improved parameters. The technique allows developing deep muscles of the back and spine, takes into account asymmetry of their development. It cannot be done on regular fitness stimulators or with conventional physical therapy. Exercises are effective and completely safe thanks to isolation of muscles that should not work, and usage of load adequate for the patient.


This technique is used in many European countries for more than 20 years.


It is officially recognized to be the most effective in Europe


There are more than 400 centers worldwide, which use the David method. Every year, their number is constantly increased

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