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How DAVID works

Since 2015, we use in our Institute the Finnish-German method for the treatment of the spine diseases by means of movement with the help of David high-tech medical simulators. David method is officially recognized in Europe as the most effective and has been the “gold standard” of back problems treatment without surgery for over 20 years. According to official data, 90% of patients who use the method get rid of chronic back pain and permanently fix the result of treatment.

What is the reason of the majority of spine problems? How does david method may help?

The Finnish-German David method improves endurance of deep muscles stabilizing the spine, eliminates muscular asymmetry and helps to restore elasticity of intervertebral discs. First of all, David method works out deep back muscles, which properly fix vertebrae and intervertebral discs helping to maintain the maximum load.

Back pain

Chronic or recurrent back pain can have many causes. It is necessary to consult a doctor when conventional exercises or exercises for the spine do not help.

Marked reduction in back pain

90% of patients report a significant reduction of pain and discomfort thanks to a treatment course by movement according to the Finnish-German David method on computerized stimulators for the back.

Little movement - weak back muscles

Lack of movement leads to weakened muscles. With weakening of muscles, especially deep ones, the load on the back and joints increases, which leads to diseases of the spine.

Strengthening of the back muscular system

Exercises on David stimulators for the back safely and effectively strengthen deep muscles of the back, which is not possible on conventional fitness equipment.

Loss of elasticity of the disc

Cells of tissues of the intervertebral discs get nutrition and oxygen ONLY during movement. Due to the lack of movement, discs lose their elasticity and are easily damaged (resulting in a hernia, protrusion).

Restoration of disk elasticity

Exercises based on the David method improve metabolism and nutrition of tissues of the intervertebral discs, restoring their elasticity. Exercises contribute to reduction of hernias in size, scarring and healing of damaged discs.

Functional block as a protective reaction of the nervous system

If the pain occurs, human nervous system blocks movement in the troubled areas of the spine. There occur coordination disorders, muscles become weak, intervertebral disclose their elasticity. As a result, the functional block of mobility created by the nervous system leads to new diseases.

Removing restraints

David Method regulates the interaction of the nervous system and muscles, improving balance and coordination. At the early stages of healing by the David system, the nervous system, so to say, learns the movements which were limited after the onset of pain, thanks to safe exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

Asymmetrically developed muscles

Muscles, even of a healthy person are often developed asymmetrically. A stronger side "dominates”, causing deformity of the spine

Treatment of posture asymmetry and distortions

Unique software and motion restrainers of the devices for the back allow giving a different load for different sides of the body and muscle groups in the same exercises for the spine, thus restoring balance

A back injury as a result of stress

With strong physical exertion (especially in athletes) less developed back muscles fall behind stronger muscle groups (muscles of the legs, abdomen). This imbalance affects the structures of the back and spine.

Careful restoration of deep muscles

Due to the specialized stimulators for the back, problem areas are isolated and receive as much load as necessary for a gradual recovery and strengthening of deep muscles.


The Finnish-German David method, the effect of which is based on David high-tech simulators, is officially authorized as the most efficient in Europe.


The David method is effective and maximum safe due to the isolation of muscles, which should rest, and application of load to every group of deep muscles with an adequate load.

Individual program

The program is developed for each patient individually as a result of a thorough computer diagnosis of a patient and is adjusted according to his progress. The David method takes into account the asymmetry of development of your body power and flexibility.

Helps in 90% of situations

Officially recognized in Europe, David Spine Concept method effectively relieves back pain in case of disc herniation, protrusion, and osteochondrosis in 90% of cases. The results are verified by more than 20 years of experience of application and statistics in Germany, Finland, Austria, the USA and other countries. The treatment takes place under the supervision of an experienced doctor and rehabilitation professional.

Allows for asymmetry

It is considered that asymmetrical development of the muscles is one of the main reasons that eventually lead to the different disorders and back pain. During exercises using the David method, asymmetry of deep muscles of the left and right sides of the body is successfully diagnosed and eliminated: the load and amplitude of the right and left sides will differ, precisely calculated by a computer program based on the results of testing. 

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