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Joint pain

40% of the world population experiences joint pain. The most common are the knee, shoulder and hip types of joint pain.

Disease of any joint starts with inflammation of the surrounding tissues (joint capsule, ligaments) and develops into swelling and irritation of nerve endings as a consequence.

Lack of timely professional medical assistance results in development of chronic irreversible intra-articular diseases, such as arthrosis, associated with injuries and gradual destruction of cartilage and osseous tissues, and deposition of calcium salts in ligament and bone attachment sites. This leads to near total destruction of the joint cartilage. Over time, the partial destructions and unions of articular surfaces may cause the loss of ability to move, so that the patients need surgical treatment, including joint replacements.

Symptoms of joint diseases include: 

  • Pain at load
  • Joint mobility restriction
  • Joint swelling
  • Joint ache; and
  • Joint deformities

Treatment options for joint pain at the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation

Doctors at the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation prescribe individual courses of treatment depending on diagnosis and condition of our patients.

In cases of severe and acute joint pain, doctors may prescribe a variety of medical procedures, including therapeutic blockades for pain and inflammation syndrome relief and magnetic or ultrasonic therapy for reduction of tissue swelling.

Intra-articular administration (injection) of medicinal products is prescribed upon relief of joint inflammation as one of the treatment options for the 1st or 2nd degree arthrosis. For example, hyaluronic acid preparations are artificial “lubricants” for the joints.

Treatment options for joint diseases at the Center for Spine Strengthening and Joint Rehabilitation

With a view to rehabilitation and consolidation of the therapeutic effect, the Center for Spine Strengthening and Joint Rehabilitation at the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation uses a system of David medical stimulators. The treatment is prescribed to patients, who managed to overcome pain syndrome, for regeneration and sustenance of joints and development of strong muscular systems involved in joint movement.

The treatment favors elimination of joint pain, relieves swelling of intra-articular and surrounding tissues, improves joint mobility, as well as the general well-being of our patients.

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