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Spinal correction

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The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation has been using the method of spinal correction in people with various diseases of the back for more than 15 years. The pain in the spine can be a consequence of various degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system, so the appointment of any therapy is possible only after examination and consultation of a specialist vertebrologist. In particular, he may prescribe a spinal correction to the patient.

What is spinal correction?

The correction of the spinal column, or, as it is also called, the soft manual therapy technique, is based on the application of a dosed directed force to each individual displaced or blocked vertebra. This manipulation is carried out in order to return the vertebra to its natural, correct position and to resume its natural mobility.

At the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation for the correction of the spine, we successfully apply the author’s “short lever” method. This method is patented and assumes the most accurate, gentle effect on blocked segments. We exclude the traditional “spinal correction” “twist”, shaking and other quite painful and risky methods of manual therapy that can harm the patient's health. The “short lever” method has a positive effect on a degeneratively altered disk, while remaining as safe as possible even in the presence of a large hernia.

What is the effect of the procedure?

As a rule, after the first procedure of spinal correction using the “short lever” method, the majority of patients experience relief. The course of treatment usually includes from 3 to 5 sessions, which are most often combined with therapeutic massage, various physiotherapeutic procedures (UST, UHT, electrotherapy, etc.) and classes on the German-Finnish medical simulators David. Complexity is another very important factor in the effectiveness of treatment in the clinics of the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation, since back pain usually has many causes.

Our professional vertebrologists perform correction only after the patient has passed the diagnosis and appropriate training (massage, physiotherapy). In parallel with the correction, inflammation is relieved. Most often for this purpose injection methods (medical blockades) are used.

Under what diseases is spinal correction recommended?

This treatment method can be prescribed for:

  • pains in the back, lower back, neck, headaches;
  • scoliosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • violation of posture, etc.
  • intervertebral hernia, protrusions.

What could be a contraindication to the procedure of spinal correction?

  • acute pain syndrome;
  • acute inflammatory process;
  • severe muscle spasm;
  • fresh spinal injury;
  • cancer of the spine;
  • infectious processes in the tissues of the spine.

At the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation, the correction of the spine using the “short lever” method is carried out by orthopedic and traumatologists with many years of experience in its use. All new doctors in our clinics undergo mandatory training in this method of spinal correction.

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