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Ultrasound examination is a modern and affordable, and most importantly, accurate and effective method of diagnosing the body. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular procedures used in all fields of medicine.

Ultrasound diagnostics has the following advantages:

  • Any person at any age can take the test - both infants and the elderly are tested;
  • It is carried out quickly and painlessly;
  • Research has no negative impact on the body;
  • Provides accurate information about the structure and condition of organs.
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A number of symptoms in which ultrasound is indicated:

  • You feel short of breath;
  • You often lose consciousness;
  • Condensation in the chest area is observed;
  • Body weight changes sharply;
  • You feel general weakness;
  • Swelling and swelling regularly appear;
  • A state of anxiety and emotional instability is present;
  • An elevated temperature is maintained for a long time;
  • An increase in the size of lymph nodes;
  • You experience pain in the heart, abdomen, lower back, reproductive organs, etc.

The equipment on which ultrasound is performed

In its work, our clinic uses high-tech equipment, namely the Japanese-made device TOSHIBA APLIO 500. It is an expert-class device that allows you to perform all known types of ultrasound, and also makes it possible not only to diagnose human internal organs, but also to detect neoplasms and abnormalities. which were formed as a result of damage (injuries) or diseases.

Undoubtedly, one of the key roles during such a study is played not only by the device, but also by the specialist who directly conducts the diagnosis. Diagnostic doctors of the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation are progressive and highly qualified specialists who constantly improve their skills and knowledge. Ulyanivska Zoryana Stepanivna, a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, is just like that. Ulyanivska Zoryana Stepanivna — performs all types of ultrasound for children, including neurosonography and ultrasound of the hip joints, as well as general ultrasound for adults. He has extensive experience working with newborns and pediatric intensive care at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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