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Restoration and rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the shoulder joint

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  3. Restoration and rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the shoulder joint

The most common cause of pain in the upper extremities is dislocation of the shoulder joint. Pain in the shoulder joint is also caused by injuries due to improper performance of physical exercises (e.g., bench-press, power clean).

Incorrect treatment of primary dislocation of the shoulder joint can lead to so-called habitual dislocation. It is a chronic condition of the shoulder joint instability, when dislocation begins to occur chronically, even at low loads.

Initial treatment usually involves removal of dislocation and adequate fixation of the shoulder joint, physiotherapy, removal of acute pain with medicines or surgery methods.

After the initial treatment, the most important task is to tone the muscles in the periarticular area within not more than 2 months. In some cases, a moderate load can be applied as late as 2-3 weeks after surgery. This is achieved through physical therapy and moderate controlled loads of medical training devices or during physical therapy with a rehabilitation specialist. It results in improved blood circulation and increased muscle tone.

How do we carry out rehabilitation of the upper extremities at the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation?

For the recovery and treatment of the shoulder joint function in a month after the elimination of dislocation, our Center uses the David Shoulder Concept line that consists of the use of six types of medical devices especially developed for the rehabilitation of the upper extremities.

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