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The Finnish-German David method, the effect of which is based on David high-tech simulators, is officially authorized as the most efficient in Europe. David medical simulators have been developed by leading European experts in biomechanics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and orthopedics. This equipment is produced for therapeutic purposes and has technological peculiarities which are not present in conventional fitness training equipment. The training course using computerized DAVID simulators allows you to safely work out exactly the deep muscles of the back, and fix the result obtained in the previous treatment for a long time that is impossible to do using conventional fitness training equipment.


For prevention and treatment of back pain, lower back pain and neck pain, in our Center we use six types of simulators. Muscles that are worked out during the course of treatment: iliocostal muscles of the chest and back, longissimus dorsi, interspinous, spinous, intertransversarii muscle of the back, deep rotator muscles, multifidus deep back muscles, abdominal muscles, deep neck muscles, spinous and


The program of rehabilitation for legs, knees and hip joints includes the following controlled loads using simulators of David Hip & Knee Concept line: extension and flexion of the knee, extension of the leg in the hip joints, abduction and adduction of the hip, development and strengthening of the knee joint mobility as well as training of the quadriceps and posterior thigh muscles


For the treatment and rehabilitation of the shoulder joints in the Center, we use a David Shoulder Concept line, which consists of 6 specialized medical simulators. The line is used for training the deltoid and trapezius muscles, both large and small


The equipment is adjusted with due consideration of the patient’s height, weight, and age as well as other anatomical features.

Following the computer-based testing, the adjustment of movement amplitude and treatment load is performed strictly according to the results of the patient and on the recommendation of his/her doctor.


Each simulator is equipped with a computer screen having EVE software with immediate feedback, where a patient and recreation therapist can adjust the load level, the number of repetitions, and even the correctness and tempo of movements’ execution.


First of all, during the training exercises the hip joint is secured at the optimum angle through a unique Hip-Fix mechanism and special limiters of joints movement. This makes it possible to position the physiological curves of the spine in a natural way, thus your discs and joints are not overloaded while training (passive structure). Loads using DAVID simulators allow to train efficiently and safely complex chronic patients without adverse effect on the joints.


DAVID fixes the hip joint at the optimal angle, so discs and joints are not, overloaded. You use only targeted muscles.

With a few repetitions the amplitude is not high. The more repetitions a patient perform on a conventional simulator, the more his/her muscles get tired, and its mobility becomes lower. David simulators have no such reduction in the effectiveness of exercises, because the trajectory of the movement is controlled by computer software.


Secondly, the curved back of the simulator directs extension/flexion movement, as well as activates and strengthens simultaneously all deep muscles of the spine.

Thirdly, DAVID equipment allows to perform exercises at the highest possible amplitude efficiently and without pain. It helps patients with pain to restore their mobility. Conventional fitness training equipment does not provide the appropriate load for all possible movements. With the help of DAVID simulators, it is possible to perform movements at full amplitude, even when muscles are tired (so you can do more and more approaches).


Fourthly, DAVID equipment helps to restore independent control of movements, and it is often a problem in patients with pain. “In case of training on the DAVID simulator, the necessity for independent coordination goes to “0” (the red line in the graph), because the design of the equipment enables to perform intensive and thus safety movement. In a completely secure environment, you get the best load for your muscles; your training becomes more efficient, while remaining safe.


Fifthly, DAVID equipment makes it possible to start with a maximum load and reduce it smoothly. So, if you started the movement with a maximum load, as during training at DAVID, you will be definitely able to finish it (the red line in the graph). Using conventional simulators, pain does not allow to complete movement and to give the most effective load (the green line in the graph 5). In case of hyperextension on a sport “bench”, you start the movement with a minimum load, which is gradually increasing. When a person reaches a full extension and his/her torso is parallel to the floor, at this moment the load on the spine and ligaments become potentially dangerous. Therefore, a further extension may exacerbate or injury. Using DAVID simulators, you have the maximum load at the beginning of the movement, when the spine is in the most favorable position in view of biomechanics, and then the load is decreasing; so, the possibility of worsening or injury is minimal.


Sixthly, DAVID medical simulators equipped with unique EVE Professional software. Each simulator has an EVE terminal – a 7-inch touch screen monitor connected to a wireless network. Recognition of patients is carried out by means of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). A rehabilitation professional monitors indicators of EVE Professional system and keeps record of each training session. This enables the doctor and rehabilitation professional to detect timely wrong training patterns in order to correct them in time. You can also control the correctness of your exercises and results independently using this software, and a feedback in real-time as well. The research study data show that system of immediate feedback during the training session, EVE Professional, improves the results significantly.

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