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Osteochondrosis Briefly about the basic.

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  3. Osteochondrosis Briefly about the basic.

Osteochondrosis is a premature aging of the bone and cartilage structures of the spine


The process of osteochondrosis is genetically determined.

The rate of development depends on the internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous) causes


When is normal osteochondrosis?

Osteochondrosis develops normally due to age-related degenerative irreversible changes in the spine.


Pathological is the development of osteochondrosis from adolescence (so-called juvenile osteochondrosis). If manifestations of osteochondrosis do not correspond to the age of a person.


How do osteochondrosis?

The first manifestations are pain in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, limitation of movements, muscle spasm. Especially if these symptoms occur without additional loads, that is, explicit for those reasons. To confirm the diagnosis, it is enough to make a X-ray shot of a spine or MRI.


In the development of complications or rapid progression, disorders (functions) may occur in those organs that receive innervation from the affected segment, which may manifest itself as a painful sensation both in the organs themselves and in their projections


How to treat osteochondrosis?

It is necessary to treat osteochondrosis if there are such manifestations as pain, limitation of movements, muscle spasm, vegetative disorders

If there is no acute symptom, then it is necessary to deal with the prevention of premature progression of osteochondrosis and the development of its complications.


To treat acute manifestations of osteochondrosis, and to take care of its prevention is obligatory


Osteochondrosis is treated in an outpatient setting. If there are severe functional impairment and persistent pain, stationary treatment is recommended.


The first stage of treatment is the removal of acute manifestations. At this stage, medical treatment and physiotherapy are possible.

At the second stage, the emphasis is on non-drug methods, that is, massage, manual therapy, electrotherapy and medical physical education.

The third stage is spa treatment.


If you do not treat acute manifestations of osteochondrosis, it can disrupt performance, both for a short and long term. Even with the loss of opportunity to fully deal with everyday affairs, to reduce or lose capacity for work.


What is the prevention of osteochondrosis?

Prevention of exacerbations of osteochondrosis is the formation of muscle corsets. At the beginning, testing of the strength and balance of different muscle groups is performed. Exercises are selected by a rehabilitation or instructor of physical education in accordance with the obtained data.


Osteochondrosis can not be cured, because it is a natural process that passes according to age and is genetically predisposed.


With osteochondrosis, people lead a full life and only the development of complications can limit the ability to work and impair quality of life.

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