Ultrasonic therapy

IVRFees and treatmentUltrasonic therapy

Ultrasonic therapy is a treatment using a cutting-edge device emitting ultrasonic waves that squeeze and stretch the affected tissues to activate recovering processes.


What is the process of ultrasonic therapy?

The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation uses ultrasonic therapy for the treatment of radiculitis, inflamed joints and connective tissues, as well as for rehabilitation after injuries and fractures.

The course of treatment often includes 5-6 procedures using high-quality modern BTL equipment. One treatment session lasts about 15 minutes, using ultrasound frequency that is comfortable and effective for the patient. The lower limit frequency is used to treat deep-seated tissue, while the upper frequency limit is used for inflamed tissues that are closer to the skin surface.

During the consultation, the doctor also checks whether the patient has any contra-indications to ultrasound therapy prior to prescribing a course of treatment.


What are the useful properties of ultrasonic therapy?

  • Increase of metabolic processes in tissues.
  • Increase of the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Cell oxygenation
  • Improvement of circulation.
  • Relief of pain and cramps.
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