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IVR and the Athletics Federation of Ukraine: cooperation started

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The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation was visited by distinguished guests - the President of the Federation of Athletics of Ukraine, the First Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Igor Gotsul and the State Trainer for Athletics Vyacheslav Tirtishnik.

The purpose of this meeting was to reach final agreements on signing a cooperation agreement. 

The importance of such a step on both sides is beyond doubt. Professional sports always need special care for the health of athletes, in athletics it is, first of all, the health of the musculoskeletal system. The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation specializes in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints, rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. On the basis of the Institute, there is a Center for Strengthening the Spine and Joints with David's unique computerized training equipment thanks to which it is possible to examine in detail the condition of the muscular corset of athletes and to form an individual recovery program, taking into account all the features and physiological parameters of the organism.

For the development of Ukrainian sports and support of the Olympic movement, the parties decided to sign an agreement with the FLAU and the Vertebrology and Rehabilitation Institute.

Previously, it will provide that the country's advanced athletes and representatives of other sports will undergo a diagnostic examination at the Vertebrology and Rehabilitation Institute on high-tech equipment and, if necessary, complete treatment and rehabilitation, until the problems are completely resolved. The selection of participants for this program will be the coaching council on available information about the health problems of leading athletes.

Thanks to Igor Gotsul and Vyacheslav Tirtishnik for a pleasant and productive meeting!

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