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"To fix the spine": when without manual therapy can not do?

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There are many problems with the back today: those who spend a lot of time at the computer, and those who lead an active lifestyle, both young and elderly. Pain in the back indicates that the correct placement of the spine is broken, there are extra front / back and side bends. Due to this, the intervertebral muscles experience a static tension, putting pressure on the blood and lymph vessels. Nerve compression slows down metabolic processes in the organs, provoking aging and various diseases. The correction of the spine with the use of manual techniques comes to the rescue.

How does the correction of the spine?

Under the influence of the doctor's hands on the joints of the spine and limbs, muscles, ligaments, fascia, the correct function of the musculoskeletal system is restored, pains are eliminated, posture is corrected. Correction not only removes the symptoms, but also affects the cause of the disease, which helps to consolidate the result. Only after normalization of the functions of the spinal column, blood supply and venous outflow in the problem zone are restored.

In what cases do you resort to correction of the spine?

Correction of the spine is used in cases of pain in the back, neck and lower back, with headaches, violations of posture, but it is contraindicated in cases of exacerbation of symptoms (severe interstitial edema, radicular symptoms, lumbago). Treatment of the spine also involves the use of tablets, injections, ointments, physiotherapy procedures, but the best results can be achieved only after a preliminary correction of the spine. After it, all the segments of the spine can evenly receive nutrients and biologically active substances that come with blood.

How is the correction of the spine?

In order not to harm, to apply orthopedic correction follows, when the exacerbation of the disease has already been removed. There are cases when correction is used in the first minutes of lumbago, within an hour, until a stable swelling develops. In any case, a thorough diagnosis is carried out before proceeding with the correction-the doctor-rehabilitologist.

The procedure is safe in that it is carried out in a horizontal position. For manipulation is characterized by softness and lack of gross movements. The doctor works exclusively on the injured area, corrects the position of the spine, without putting physical pressure on the bones and vertebrae. In the correction of the spine, the maximum accuracy of manipulation is very important, supplemented by an ideal knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Thus, the effectiveness of the procedure is largely determined by the experience and qualifications of the doctor.

As a result, normal mobility in the joint, joint axis returns, muscle spasm and traumatizing of intervertebral discs are removed, less hernia and protrusion of intervertebral discs, pain is eliminated.

Safe and effective correction of the spine with the "short lever" method

The author's method of "short lever" is used in the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation and assumes the most accurate and gentle impact on the blocked segment of the spine. At the same time traditional "twists", shaking and other painful and dangerous effects are practically not used (only in the most rare cases).

Correction of the spine in many associates with a crunch, which is necessary for the patient to experience relief. "Short lever" in some cases allows you to successfully correct the spine without a traditional and not too pleasant crunch.

The method is directed not only to the removal of the functional block, but also to the improvement of movement in certain parts of the spine, decompression (de-compression) of the spine, the resumption of motion below the located vertebrae.

Correction "short lever" is also used for the prevention of diseases of the back, when it is necessary to improve nutrition and blood supply.

The effect of using the method is visible after the first procedure. For therapeutic and preventive purposes, a course of 3-5 sessions, every six months, is conducted. The method can also be supplemented with massage, physiotherapy procedures, exercises on medical simulators.

Using the presented methodology for more than 10 years, helped many patients avoid surgical intervention in the treatment of diseases of the back, quickly restore work capacity.

The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation is an expert in the field of back care for 15 years. (Since 2002 in Kiev and Ivano-Frankivsk, since 2016 in Lviv). In more than 95% of cases, patients of the Institute get rid of spine diseases without surgery.

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