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IVR launched a program of post-rehabilitation

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Excellent news for mom!

The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation announces the launch of the postnatal rehab program on the basis of David's unique medical simulators for Ukraine.

Action in honor of the launch of the program - an individual lesson with a rehab at only 350 UAH instead of 550 UAH!

David is a comprehensive medical simulator system with state-of-the-art software that develops a therapeutic exercise program based on the results of your body's diagnosis and data on the physiological characteristics of the tested muscle groups.

Rehabilitants are better than others to know about the potential problems that women expect after delivery. That is why specialists from the Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation have developed a comprehensive medical program for the recovery of young mothers.

For a more detailed review of the recovery program in ultra-modern rehab centers, go to the link to strengthen the backbone and joints of David.

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