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Baptism: what you need to know before plunging into the ice hole

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Epiphany or as it is called in the people of Baptism is considered the final stage of the celebration of the New Year and Christmas cycle, which is celebrated on December 19.

Perhaps, the history of baptism, its traditions and ceremonies are known to everyone almost from childhood, however, did you know that: in the II century, namely in 1114, the feast of the Epiphany did not exist like this, it served only as an addition to the holiday of Christmas. And only in the IV century, this holiday received a special meaning, received recognition and its current interpretation: Baptism, with all its flowing rituals and traditions.


One of the most important aspects of the celebration is the blessing of water. By the way, this is done only twice a year - on the day of the celebration itself and the day before. It is believed that at Baptism water acquires a special, miraculous, healing values. According to legend, if you swim in the hole, you can get rid of many ailments, both physical and mental. And although according to the legend of icy water to Epiphany, it is impossible to get sick, doctors say that such bathing can be dangerous and have adverse consequences for a person, so we picked up a number of recommendations that will be useful both for beginners and experienced divers in the ice hole.

In fact, immersion in ice water is stressful for the body.



In such extremely unusual circumstances, the brain reacts first. At the moment of immersion, he is in a stressful state unusual for him, he begins to panic and signal to the whole body something like “Sentry! What is happening?” Houston has problems! ”At this moment, all our bodies are like an incredibly cohesive team on a team rush to help their “comrade.” At this point, the blood moves away from the extremities and in large quantities goes to the internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, etc.) in order to save them from hypothermia. Breathing and pulse are accelerated. this time th assistance has another leader of the company -. It provides the body the pituitary endorphins to reduce pain, discomfort, and to somehow help his friends by bad weather in the stressful situation ...

  “Cold water activates metabolic processes in the human body and has a powerful healing effect. However, it positively affects only the body of a physically healthy and trained person. That is why diving for a holiday should be considered and thought out, ” assures the Health Department of the DniproAOG.

Of course, we all hope and believe in the healing power of the miraculous, blessed water, but let's not forget to listen to highly qualified specialists, who cause a number of diseases, in which bathing in an ice hole is absolutely contraindicated:

  • First of all, people who are currently sick
  • If there is a disease of the respiratory system;
  • Cardiovascular or endocrine diseases;
  • Respiratory diseases;
  • You should also refrain from swimming in people with acute inflammatory diseases or chronic diseases;
  • Epilepsy, cranial trauma;
  • Sclerosis of cerebral vessels

This list can be continued in many more points, considering the uniqueness and uniqueness of each organism. Therefore, if you nevertheless decided to begin to harden by bathing in the hole, first consult with your doctor and do not forget about the following rules:

  1. Before immersion the body must be warmed up (do some exercises or arrange a small marathon with your friends)
  2. Be sure to bathe in a place that is adapted for this and equipped by entering into the water.
  3. A few hours before the dive, it is imperative to have a tight meal because returning to the above, when you find yourself in cold water, your body will begin to spend all your resources and supplies with incredible strength;
  4. It is better to dive down the neck, without wetting the head, in order to avoid the reflex constriction of cerebral vessels;
  5. Come to the ice hole with the accompanying;
  6. Stock up with warm clothes and hot drinks;
  7. In no case do not leave children unattended, bathing should take place under the strict guidance of parents;
  8. And of course, do not forget about the regularity and common sense.

Happy holiday! Let this day bring the very best to your life!

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